Yousif Rejaib ,his origion, Girth and Rise


Many of the academic and non academic researchers have tackled various topics of the historical studies including the events and issues related to different periods and ages of Iraq's ancient and modern history. In spite of the wide scope of those studies in terms of quantity and quality but few of them have shed the light towards the journalists especially the pioneers of them. This was the motivation for choosing the title of this study " Yusif Rjeb- The study included an introduction, and a conclusion the researcher stated the results he have reached through his work he studied the biography of Yusif Rjeb, his birth, study, work and positions that he obtained., the researcher tackled his journalistic efforts from different aspects, the social economic, intellectual and the literary ones. Through his work he discussed different topics concerning the sufferings of the Najaf city as the lack of fresh water, low services, as well as calling for improving the level of education and updating the syllabus in a way that copes with the level development of other countries.his political and historical opinions has been discussed through which he tackled the local issues that were the interest of the public as the case of Mosul and its effect on the unity of the society. In addition to other cases as the treaties between Britain and Iraq, the role of the Iraqi politicians who preferred their interest over the interest of the Iraqi people, the military coup of Baker Sidqi and what it caused for the Iraqi society. The researcher depended in his work on several references, most important of which are the unpublished documents and those kept in the library of Mohammed Kashif Al-Ghataa and of Mohammed Ali Al-Balaghy which contained very precious information helped in revealing some vague aspects of his life. As well as other references, lexicons, encyclopedias and resources that helped revealing the facts of some characters. Finally the researcher also conducted some interviews with some well known characters to explain some of the historical facts.