The Exploitation of Koranic Reference Ahmad Motar's Poetry


Since my acquaintance with the complete Poetic collection of the Basra Poet ((Ahmad Motar's)) I have admired this collection for it's compactness and arguments; As result of this feeling .I wrote down on it's first page.To ((Ahmad Motar's)) I found my self in you .My admiration even increased whenever Repeated reading this collection Thus I had more than one attempt with the poetry of this man.One of my rounds with this poetry is the present research .This research consists of a prelude and four sections in the prelude the role of Koranic verses in enriching the literary text is tackled .The first section dealt with the employment of the Koranic episode in the literary text. Ahmad mutar had chosen a selection of Koranic tales and he made use of these tales or episodes.The second section dealt with use some Koranic verses that enriched his poetic texts greatly.The third section dealt with the way the poet used to benefit from the Koranic verses . the poet added or deleted some parts of the Koranic verses without effecting the sessence of the koranic text.The fourth section dealt with was about the employment of the Koranic individual item or word as this word containsd a variety of meaning and suggest great indications through ite use in the poetic text and as this Koranic item is always expressive and suggestive .The research ends with the important conclusions the researcher has attained researcher.