Abi El- Barakat Critique of the Presentiment in Al- Mashaeeyah school


Abi El-Barakat , in the field of epistemology , refused the psychological powers of the Aristotle origin especially their role in perception , whether to memorize , imagin or to remember , where we found soul is the first and the last percipient of the out matters and the tangible powers had only secondary role , to be a means of transforming these images to soul, while the intangible powers had no cognitive role in the perception , as Abi El-Barakat believed, where soul keeps in mind, remembers and notices. His attitudes here based on defending the soul unity , because believing on such powers leads, for Abi El-Barakat, to threat the soul unity and divide it into partition especially that this idea had dominated the Islamic philosophers from Al-Kindy to Sader el-Deen Al-Shirazy . His explaination of perception is that it is a meeting between the percipient and the percept .