The Military institution in Iraq (1921-1941AD)AHistorical study


the military in Iraq in terms of the importance of political, military and even beyond to the social aspects, as it is the army and the Ministry of Defense one of the key ministries in the Kingdom of the Iraqi, Army has gained considerable attention from the presence of Iraqi government. , Also found great interest in British and directions to this institution and interference in the public and private sectors because of their role effectively..During the period 1941-1958 witnessed the events of Iraq and domestic political developments have also affected large external events effectively on Iraq. Spread the impact of these events are clear to the State and its institutions. It was natural to link these effects to the military .He came to select a theme purely "the Iraqi military development and its impact on the political because of the great importance and the prominent role played by the army on the Iraqi scene at the time and the positions of Iraqi politicians and the British conflicting of this institution and define its role, as well as the divergent positions on the issue of development of the army and arming 0 He was identified beginning of the search year 1941, as Iraq has seen milestones, most notably by the Government of National Defence headed by Rashid Ali and the conflict that took place between this government and British forces, which was the results of the war between the two parties, which ended the occupation of Iraq a second time and the entry of British troops to Baghdad and the provinces remaining .