Thermo scope Widness effect on forming some of the Geomorphologic Features in the Iraq Western Plateau (Astudy in the climatic Geomorphology)


The study aims to shed the light on the effect of the features of elements of the hat (arid) climate which used to be observed during long periods of time within the Pleistocene and Holocene . These features are represented by ( the sun radiation and temperature ) within the recent climate in increasing the activity of the mechanical weathering and the study of the mechanical weathering in forming the geomorphological features . The study is based on data about the elements of climate , namely the sun radiation and temperature from sevsn different clamitie stations . They are : Anna , Hadeetha , H1 , Al- Rutba , Al – Nekheb , Al – Slmaan and the Al – Bsaea . The study shows the factors effecting the increase of the heat range within the area of study , these factors are represented by ( clear sky ) of the vegetation cover for most of the area the west plate and the low hamity . The study concludes that the rocks damage which is one of the most important mechanism of the mechanical weathering which happens when the degree of menerialsharmany of the rocks increases while the disintegration mass of rocks is observed when the degree of menerialharmany of the rocks decreases . In addition many geomorphological phenomena appeared as a result of the processes of mechanical weathering , including Residual Boulders , Tralus Cone , and Mera,which are observed in Al – Malen Valley and the Butte and Homoclined ridge observed in the South of Al – Ga'ara valley .