cotton agriculture and cotton textile industry and the relation between them in AL-Qadisiya Government


This research interested the industrial and developed countries with textile industry , due to the grow up the population in different world areas , Al-Qadisiya governorate as other areas which live new population growth since 1970s of the past century , so that the government establish Diwaniya textile factory in 1979 , to run many technical non-technical staffs no less than three thousands of employees to decrease the rate of unemployment and rise the industrial conditions and improve the living income for the government , in addition invest the first material of cotton in textile process , but in last years witness afatory depreciation prodction due to difficulty brought on the firt matrial of cotton and electricity cut , out off many mechanize and increase local market for foreign product,in addition decrease the cultivating areas with cotton production from 60000 dunam to3000 dunam , due to limited receive the quantity of the production and lower price comparing with agricultural fees and shortage of water in some seasons , with neglect of fighting the plant epidemic which infect the plants and no use fertilization procedures whereas some farmers using nitrogen after flowering process with bad collecting process , neglect the first collecting of the production and no separating the genes so that the agriculture office in Al-Qadisiyah governorate in 2006 found project of develop the cotton industry at Al-Budair district to learn more about the causes of deterioration the cotton plantation . and find solutions by rise awareness the framers to use modern equipments and processes to plant the crop , by planting two types which are Shwr and Lashta and using modern fighting epidemic by bio-process instead of chemical process , and using drop irrigation system to find solution for the shortage of water , remove the salts available at soil by using organic fertilization instead of chemical factorization which impact on the nature and pollute it. .