The Effectiveness of a Model of Thelin in expressive performance among for the Girl students in fifth grade scientific


Despite the factors that are intertwined and lead to the weakness apparent in the expression, one of the important reasons in the opinion of teachers is due to the lack of attention to teachers in the detection of the effectiveness of using models that have proven competence in teaching and this leads the researcher to conduct his current specimen through the use of Thelin in the Teaching of expression and detect its impact on the expressive performance hoping to contribute to the treatment of the problem or ease the severity. To achieve the objective of research, the researcher has selected randomly middle giza for gills and section (b) has been randomly se to represent the experimental group which teaches expression using a specimen Thelin, and the Division (a) represents the control group selected as well to be taught the material of expression in the traditional manner, reached the sample (56) by students (27 the experimental group students) and(29 the control group ). The researcher evenly treated among the students of the two groups in the following variants: (chronological age measured in months, their performance in the expression. The subjects that are taught during the probation period been identified after they have been subjected to a group of experts and specialists. The researcher has developed then teaching plans for the subjects to be taught during the duration of the experiment . The researcher studied two groups of research during the period of the experiment and after the end of the experiment the researcher applied a test for the performance of expression as well for both groups. The following statistical methods have been used : (t-Test), the ends of the two independent samples, and Pearson correlation coefficient). After analyzing the results, the following results have been found: The experimental group has been more successful tan those students who have studied the material expression using a specimen Thelin to the control group students who have studied the material expression in the traditional way to test the performance of expressionism.