The Artificial River in Lybia ,the last Attempt to save life in north Africa


Man-Made river project in Libya is one of the giant and greatest projects overseas. The project is considered to be the biggest to transfer (6 millions) cubic square of water from the southern desert areas to northern lands in Libya which sight over the coasts of the Mediterranean. Most of the Libyan cities located there have suffered from water scarcity. This project has been accomplished in five stages or systems, and inaugurated in 1984. The project has been set for many goals, the most important of which is the extending of farmlands and providing drinking water. The project has an environmental effect when being achieved. One of which is the construction of Libyan Desert through which the pipes of the project go. In general we can say that the man-made project has a clear effect on the Libyan people’s life in a country most of its lands are located in orbits of a desert lands which barely have no rain. Hence any single drop of water in Libya is considered to be a precious and rare commodity which the ordinary citizen does not know how to get but by means of drilling expensive wells and storing rain water. The project is the last attempt to save the water in North Africa.