Experimental Study of Self Compacting Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams under Four Point Loads


The results of eight reinforced concrete deep beams tested under four pointloading condition are reported. The test beams were simply supported and weremade with self compacting concrete (SCC). The variables were; web reinforcementand anchorage of tension reinforcement. The test beams were divided into fourgroups according to the web reinforcement. Each group consists of two beams, onewith the anchorage of tension reinforcement and the other without. The nominalcross section was 100 x 300mm and the clear span length was 1100mm.Deflections of beams and cracking patterns were monitored during the tests atdifferent stages of the monotonic loading until failure. The results showed thesignificance of the web reinforcement and anchorage of tension bars on thestrength and failure behavior of SCC deep beams. The ultimate strength of beamwithout web reinforcement increased to 39% by adding anchorage to thelongitudinal tension reinforcement. While the ultimate strength of the beamincreased to 16% by adding anchorage to tension reinforcement for beams havingweb reinforcement that consists of stirrups with horizontal reinforcement