Heat Rejection From Horizontal Tube Through Heat Valve


This study presents experimental work to construct a non- conventionalthermosyphon where it is consists of three parts, which include the evaporator,adiabatic and condenser sections all of these parts are arranged radially in parallel toconstruct the heat valve (HV). Heat valve used to evacuate heat from horizontal copperelectrical heater tube by working fluid which is(distilled water, methanol, ethanol) withdifferent filling ratio 66.6% and 83.3%. Working fluid evacuate heat from copperevaporator towards condenser where a change in phase mechanism make insure toincrease the heat performance of HV. Thin stainless steel mesh grid coated evaporatorto translate heat to the working fluid at the case of high evaporation of working fluid,while a very thin of aluminum fins are fixed to the condenser surface to extended it andconstruct the finned heat valve(FHV) with a high level thermal performance whereheat reject in short time and make insure to condensate the working fluid’s vapor andthat lead to low level of temperature in evaporator. The results refer to the highthermal performance of FHV where a low temperature in evaporator with low heatstorage because the short distance between condenser and evaporator with a high ratiobetween area of them .Result refer to the effect of working fluid type with simpleeffect in filling ratio.