The Study of The Pulse Laser Properties in Two Different Photonic Crystal Fiber Materials


This study is to obtain a better understanding of how to shape the pulse laserspectrum by varying the material properties of the photonic crystal fiber (PCF). Thisincludes the ability to obtain spectral power in particular wavelength regions, andobtaining a broad bandwidth.. Numerical modeling of the split step Adaptive Fouriermethod has been used to solving a form of nonlinear Schrödinger equation, whichdescribes the propagation of pulses in PCF. It was investigated how the spectrum canbe controlled through dispersion property. The electromagnetic wave that send fromIR laser diode source through the PCF to the observer. the optical properties of thiselectromagnetic wave, normalized power, intensity, dispersion, and group delaydispersion will be studied for the input, output and observer laser pulse. Thecompared of the different two materials of PCF (fused silica and Barium-fluorideBaF2) that be used and studies.