Evaluation of Training Workshop For The Organic Fertilizer Users in AL-Rashdia District – Baghdad Governorate


This research aimed to the Evaluation of The Training Workshop For TheOrganic Fertilizer Users in AL-Rashdia District – Baghdad Governorate in allit is field . The process of evaluation of The Training Workshoptook stages,these stages are: First stage: determine the element of Training WorkshopLiteratures Folders Extension in field,containing of Five fieldsasfollow{Trainer, Curriculum,Method &Ways,Environment(Context),Trained},Fiftyfour items. Second stage: determining the groups of criteria to evaluate ofThe element of The Training Workshop. Third stage: Surveying of TrainingWorkshop as through:1.Training Workshop Literatures Folders Extension infield, containing of Five fields as follow{Trainer,Curriculum,Method&Ways,Environment(Context),Trained } Fiftyfour items.2. A preliminary Scale was showed to a group of (6 experts and specializedpersons) in agricultural extension field, to express their opinions about fieldsand items of the The Element of The Training Workshop scale and itsfitness.3.Used the tri the element of Training Workshop scale consists of:Totally Mentioned,Patially Mentioned ,Non Mentioned and put degrees of thetri scale The Element of The Training Workshop according to : TotallyMentioned three degrees, Patially Mentioned two degrees and Non Mentionedone degree. The research population is ( 30 Trained) . A questionnaire used tocollect datas from the Trained.The statistical tools used are the percentages, ,means,Alpha cronbach coefficient.This researchended to were very active and influent, the Level of TheElement of The Training Workshop stands in the Patially Mentioned.Theresearch recommendations that aiming to support The Element of The TrainingWorkshop fields,that reflected a positive improving productivity andproduction of farming system.