Purposeful Irony in Ahmed Matar's Poetry


AbstractThe studiers are used to provide definitions for the different literary phenomenon as irony. They believed that the human spirit is always eager to find comedy an outlet of its pain and it attempt to through Tokes to get away from its reality which is always a burden. It also attempts to disperse all his melancholy and to free his soul of poverty and failing ties. They also indicated that laughs, comedy, jokes, mocking, kidding, jesting and fun are nothing but psychological phenomenon of one type and it comes from that contradicted human nature.They suggested that irony is a psychological penality or punishment that is meant to harm the human spirit which is more painful than physical punishment. Those who mock you may be attempting to cheer you up and to fill the esiure time and ect. All of these opinions find their way in general and in the Arabic poetry in particular. But when I and the poetry of Ahmed Mater. I found that he is a mocking poet of a special type, because he bears a general human cause with its political, social and economical dimensions that the people of different classes suffer from under the authority of a tyrant power.He reveals those problems in a comic style that teaches level of melancholy proving that mockers are the most sad people in an attempt to shed the light on it to extract successful solutions for the problems that he indicates in his poetry. This style which is different from other poets styles we know during the past literary eras we the reason to study Ahmed Matar's poetry.I depended in my study on the poetic text only, because there was no similar studies of Ahmed Matar's poetry and his mock poetry in particular .Even if it is found, it is hard to get because of the rumors that attacked his poetry during the past years, therefore the lack of references and studies dedicated to Ahmed Matar was the main obstacle facing the research.In this study , I dealt with the mock poetry in the preface, then I studied the elements of irony in Ahmed Matar's poetry. In addition, I studied three subjects within three sections.In the first one I studied the irony of the authority. In the second, I studied the irony at the rulers. In the third, I dealt with the irony of time.Then, I studied in the fourth the style of paradox which was the main one used by the poet in his poetry. Then I stated the main results which I reached. And praise may be to God.