Production of Semi Like Aushari Cheese by using Probiotic Bacteria and Compare it with some Native Species to some Areas in Northern Iraq


Collected samples of cheese Aushari from different regions of northern Iraq, the markets of Arbil and castlel markets in Erbil ,Qaraqosh and market palace in Mosul The study included tests microbiological the total number of bacteria and the coliform and Staphylococcus and Salmonella observe a sharp decline in the quality of cheese microbiological Themicroflora content highest number in the Qaraqosh then the castle ,markets Erbil and market palace in Mosul, the coliform bacteria was Qaraqosh, market palace in Mosul and markets Arbil and the castle either bacteria Salmonella was higher in the Qaraqosh, the castle , market palace in Mosul and markets of Arbil, while bacteria Staphylococcus and thecount of yeast and mold in the area of the castle and then markets Erbil, market palace in Mosul and the Qaraqosh. chemical composition close in terms of fat, protein and salt, ash, acidity and PH ,the Moisture ranged in all areas between 45.2 to 54.2%, which indicates that it is cheese, half dry cheese and when manufacturing like cheese Alauchari the chemical composition are similar to Alauchari made in the northern regions as well as content microflorathe quality of a good fit on the bacteria therapeutic Bifido.lactis and more than 106 C.F.U / g cheese and not fit on the pathogenic bacteria and yeast and mold within the limit allowed and also the results of sensory evaluation was acceptable and therefore we conclude that it can be produced cheese-semi like auchari and healthy free microbs types of disease and bacteria on the container during the period of treatment and keeping acceptable.