(International efforts to define the concept of terrorism)


The interest of the international community to the phenomenon of terrorism dose not mean that the phenomenon of terrorism in recent international relations, but the capacity of the twentieth century witnessed the proliferation and multiplicity of forms, as well as attempts to legal supervision, and with it, and what was involved for crimes of terrorism or international or intercontinental limits, it was necessary for us to take look at the international treaties to combat it, and briefed us to the multilateral international treaties required here, and that not mean the omission of the bilateral treaties, particularly those relating to extradition and judicial cooperation, or national laws, whether private or listed in the general legislation, such as sanctions or the Code of Criminal Procedure, and our of this research design features of the international conventions relating to us as one of the most important basis on which they are based in the States response to terrorism. In our opinion that (take the appropriate means) in accordance with the treaty of universal character, is available to States and to the responsibility don’t allowed to examine the causes of terrorism, which goes far beyond the provisions of an international treaty, We will discuss this research in the most important international efforts to define the concept of terrorism, both those that have been made by the Government of the Organization of the League of the United Nations or the Organization of the United Nations, through the principal organs of the International Organization (general Assembly of the UN Security Council) and the decisions issued by these bodies, which address the issue of terrorism, will also address the efforts of the international organizations specialized in this regard, and regional organizations. And then address the second topic of this international research effort to develop a modern legal definition of terrorism and Arab efforts to establish a legal framework for this concept, which confused some of the concepts to which there has been confusion between the legitimate fighter who is resisting the occupation and terror, and we shall show reasons that impede the development of a common definition of terrorism and asked an international conference under the umbrella of the United Nations to develop a legal definition of terrorism is God's success.THE REASEARCHER