The Effect of Curvature Estimations and Lighting Factor In The Edge Detection For 3D Rendered Images


This paper presents new approach in the edge detection of 3D images (for nonphotorealisticrendering). This new approach uses curvature estimations with lightingeffect on triangle mesh as a new factor in edge detection process. New algorithm todetect edges on 3D curved surface with results is presented. In the proposed technique,the curved surface is generated by using Bezier curves and those generated curves areconnected together using a special fashion to generate triangle mesh. Depending onthose generated curves, the direction of surface becomes defined. The curvature is thencalculated at defined points on each curve. The estimated curvature and lighting effectdetermine if there is edge can be detected or not. The size of the step of jumpingbetween two defined areas determines the accuracy of detecting edge. The algorithm istested on curved-surface which on it the edges are hardly to detect.Keywords: Triangle Mesh, Curvature, Edge detection.