Upgrading of Basrah-Kirkuk Blend Crude Oil Through Mechanical-Acoustical Effect and (Labs) as Surfactant


Non-Convential method has been used in this study for upgrading mixture of Basrah-Kirkuk crude oil through mechanical - acoustical effect using hydrodynamical coaxialturbo machine type Rotary Pulsation Apparatus (RPA) implementing ultra-highreliability in shearing rotor-stator operation.The analysis of the crude oil after treatment in RPA showed that on increasing therotation time from 5 to 10 min with rotor speed of 7610 rpm, leading to an increase in thetotal yield of light and intermediate petroleum cuts from 30 to 39 vol%, with an increasein API gravity from 29 to 40, reduce flash point from 75 to 54.C and reduce pour pointfrom -10 to -32.C.The results also showed that, adding LABS surfactant leads to a further increase in APIgravity to 45, reduced flash point to 50.C, reduced pour point to -36 .C and increasedyield of light and intermediate fraction to 40 vol% within 10 min and 7610 rpm