Numerical Study for Natural Convection within a Rotating Cubic Enclosure


A numerical study of three–dimensional, steady, turbulent and incompressiblenatural convection of air (Pr=0.72) within a rotating cubic enclosure is presented. Thepresent code is based on solving partial differential equations for conservation ofmass, momentum and energy equations for a rotating frame. The turbulence effect isintroduced by using two equations turbulence model of k-e . Finite volume method isused in solving the governing equations. SIMPLE algorithm is applied to solve the setdiscretization equations. To verify the validity of present method, present results iscompared with those of previous published work under the same conditions. Theinfluence of changing rotation Rayleigh number (Rar ) as a result of chancingangular velocity of enclosure, and temperature difference of enclosure walls on theaverage Nusselt number (Nu) is presented and correlated.