Applying Non-linear Damage Model for Predicating Corrosion Effect on Fatigue Life of (carbon + glass) Fibers / PMMA Composite


The objective of this work is to investigate the salt water effects on fatiguedegradation, and stress-life relationship. A series of reversed fatigue experiments wereconducted on (carbon+ glass) / PMMA of salt water environments. Results indicate thatthe composite degrade during cycling. Exposure to salt water (salt water is used tosimulate the sea water) provides the most significant reduction in fatigue life. Thecorrosion environment reduces the fatigue strength by 61% compared to dry fatigue.Based on previous damage model [16], corrosion – fatigue nonlinear damage model ispresented in this paper, which contains one material constant; the inverse slope (α) of theS-N curve. Six specimens of two levels loading of composite material were used to verifythe present model; the results showed that the predicted life is in good agreement with theexperimental results.