Study the (Wear, Roughness, Micro hardness) of the Electroplated Layers on Low Carbon Steel Improved by Shoot Penning


In this study an electroplating method has been employed (with zinc, nickle).Studying of mechanical, surface, metallurgical properties for each coated systemsand made a comparison among them and with shoot penned coated systems. Lowcarbon steel alloy has been selected as a substrate. Studying of specifiedproperties including coating thickness and dry corrosion properties (oxidation athigh temperature) and comparison the results of each treatment with othertreatment results. Coated samples with nickel and zinc by electroplating methodsare used in order to compare among the resulting coating layer properties. Shootpenning method also has been employed to the two coatings in order to determinethe compression residual stresses role in the variation of studied properties.Results showed that nickel coating layer has higher oxidation resistance than zinccoating layer at high temperature, but has lower roughness, micro hardness, wearresistance and density. Microstructure inspection results showed ferrite- pearlitephases in the treated samples for all coated systems, This ensures that thistreatment will not subject to any phases transformation, and formation of coatinglayer with a different thickness as illustrated by micro structure images.