Control of Corrosion of Copper-Alloy Condenser Tubes by Chemical Treatment


The present work deals with the study of the factors that affect the corrosionresistance and heat transfer resistance of treated condenser tubes by surface filming withferrous sulfate solution. The reduction of corrosion rate on the filmed surfaces wasdetermined under dynamic conditions using weight loss method. The variation of thecorrosion rate at different exposure time and different fluid velocities of the filmingsolution were studied throughout the laboratory corrosion system. While the effect ofsurface filming on depression of heat transfer process in term of increasing the heattransfers resistance was studied throughout the laboratory thermal system. The resultsindicated that the filming solution reduced the corrosion rate of copper alloy to 52.7%,but the heat transfer resistance increased from 12.88 to 18.73*10-4 m2K/W. Moreover, themetallurgical investigation clearly revealed the feature and nature of the film formed onthe metal surface.