Performance Evaluation of Path Loss in Mobile Channel for Karada district in Baghdad City


In this work Hata, Lee, Walfisch-Ikegami and Free Space Loss models havebeen compared with practical path loss based on series of measurements in Karadadistrict in Baghdad for GSM900 downlink band. Hata model showed the closestpath loss predictions with mean square error = 10.8 dB, but these results are farfrom good prediction results and need enhancement. Hata model was optimizedusing Least Squares method based on measured received signal power. Theoptimized Hata model showed much better results from the original Hata withmean square error = 6.96 dB. The simulation and calculations were implementedusing MATLAB R2009b. The measurements were done using Field Test Display(FTD) with a compatible hand phone to measure signal strength. A GroundPositioning System (GPS) was used to measure the distance from transmitter.