The Relationship between Quality, Benchmarking, Reliability and Globalization In Industrial Engineering Activity


The study is perhaps the first to evaluate and establish the relationship betweenQuality, benchmarking, Reliability and globalization in industrial engineering activityin Emirates, where the study was conducted on international companies operating inDubai. The study seeks to understand the impact & effect of globalization on all thevarious topic of industrial engineering that distinguish implementing qualitymanagement program, reliability program and ISO certified and benchmarkingcompanies from none implemented benchmarking or quality, reliability, ISO program.Also the study tries to evaluate the effect of these factors on the organizationalperformance. The study found a number of significant relationships between thereliability, and globalization in industrial engineering activity. It also found support forthe argument that high reliability, high quality and benchmarking practices willimprove industrial engineering and at the end result will improve overall organizationalperformance in large, medium and small global businesses. Therefore the resultsachieve the goals of industrial engineering to eliminate wastes of time, cost, materials,energy, and other resources to increase profits.