Evaluation of Corrosion Résistance for Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldment in Different Solution


This paper is amid to study the effect of immersion solusion type on corrosionresistance of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304L .The process welding carried out on sheet metal by using four types ofelectrodes (E308L,E309L,E312,E347) to obtain butt joint welding under constantconditions polarity(DCSP) , voltage(30)v, current (120)A .Welding speed (100) mm/min and two weld passes by using electrode ofdiameter 3 mm.Many specimens for corrosion test were manufactured in (20*20*8) mm fromwelding joint stainless steel.Corrosion test was implemented by using weight loss, specimens wereimmersed in two solution (1% H2SO4) Sulphric Acid and (3.5%Nacl) sea water for(1-30 ) days and corrosion rate was measured.The results show that sulphric acid was more effected on stainless steel.