Design and Simulation of a Second-Order Universal Switched- Capacitor Filter as a 10-Pin Dual-In-Line Package Integrated Circuit


This paper explains the design of a Universal (Low, High, Band and Notch)Second-Order Filter using switched capacitor (SC) technique. The design dependson the crystal oscillator circuit that generates two non-overlapping clocks bymaking full use of the two independent comparators of the LM741. The oscillatorcircuit is used to drive a switched-capacitor integrator which is used in the designof the universal second order filter. The circuit is performed as a single IC(Integrated circuit) which can be used for different standard applications. Theproposed IC design differs than other IC's such as MF10 by adding the notch filterto this design for used in wide band of applications. The design is simulated usingMultiSim 9 program.