Use of Randomized Complete Block Design to Demonstrate the Impact of Types of Fertilizer on the amount of Rice Production


The interest in agriculture since ancient time is one of the priorities of human beingbecause of their relationship and direct contact in his life in terms of providing foodfor himself and his animals, which was relied upon to produce the daily foodstuff inaddition to being used for his travels is vital, so the development of this interestdepending on the years and states tried hardly to reach the highest agriculturalproduction to cover the growing of population and provide food for them andbuilding a strong economy which in turn leads to the creation of investment in theareas of all agricultural (tangles form the user - the product), which in turn moves theeconomy, which prevents the country such as Iraq from a country a yield economydepends entirely on the oil only to country multi-sector (different), especially in thelong term in mapping the state in economic development, development and access asan inevitable result of sustainable development with a basis of the individual and thecommunity all that is not only through scientific studies and accurate drawing to theroad-related agricultural production to determine the causes of failures and try toresolve the dilemmas facing this important production and achieve food security asthis was our search for simple rice crop and the effects of fertilizer on the productionof a society based on the course of the Iraqi reality.