The Effect of Heat Treatment on Phase Formation of Ti-Al-C thin films


A variety of different chemical compositions Titanium-Aluminum-Carbon thinfilms were achieved by combinatorial magnetron sputtering. The as-depositedternary diagram can be divided into two regions. The first region consists oftitanium carbide structure with substitutional Aluminum atoms at the Carbon richside of the diagram. The second region consists of the amorphous phase at the restof the appearing diagram. At 500°C the amorphous phase transforms to titaniumcarbide structure with substitutional Aluminum atoms and at 600 and 700°C manyternary phases have been shown by X-ray diffraction at different regions while theCarbon rich side sustains the titanium carbide structure with substitutionalAluminum atoms. This work could be considered as a leading study in the way toproduce the ternary ceramics at temperatures below the conventional ranges inpowder metallurgy as it had been proved earlier by us.