Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Plate Buckling under In-plane Loading


The objective of this work is to predict the plate elastic buckling includescritical buckling load and corresponding buckling mode for stiffened and unstiffenedplate under in-plane loading. The numerical study has been achieved byemploying the FEM (ANSYS package ver.11) using a shell element of eight nodeswith five DOF at each node as a discretization element such that the equation ofelastic stability with isotropic material properties has been taken into considerationstudies.The study of aluminum alloy 6063-O plates subjected to in-plane loading showingthe effect of stiffened plates, stepped thickness, and changing of applied loading. Ithas been found that buckling strength increases when plate width (b) increase forstiffened and unstiffened plate, also critical buckling load has high values forbiaxial load than uniaxial for plates with the same specification. Also, anexperimental test has been performed on different cases which exhibit a goodverification of results.