Experimental Studies On Shear Connection Between Steel and Steel Fibered Concrete Using Studs


This paper aims mainly to study the effects of using steel fiber in reinforcedconcrete parts of composite structural elements, which consist of two main parts, thesteel and concrete sections. Then to explain the effects of using the hooked ended steelfibers on the load-slip relationship between concrete and steel parts of compositestructural elements.The standard push-out test is a convenient and the only available method to definethis load-slip relation. There are five series of tests made on push – out test specimensprepared for this purpose. These tests are containing various percentages of steelfibers ( 0.0%, 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% and 2.0% ) by volume of concrete. The hooked endedsteel fiber with aspect ratio 100 were used in reinforced concrete parts of compositestructural elements, which consist of two main parts (the steel section and the concretesection).From the obtained results, an empirical non-linear equation was developed, tocalculate the shear stiffness for connectors at any amount of slip. This will giveinformation on the ultimate shear capacity of the shear connector, which were used inthe composite structures and the corresponding load-slip relationship.