Text Hiding Using Artificial Neural Networks


The growth of information technology and data transfer led to increase the dataattacks, so that information security becomes an important issue to keep the datasaved during information exchanges in computer networks. Steganographytechniques used to protect the information from being detected. The art ofsteganography will hide secret information into cover data, which will be sendingwithout any change so the attack does not recognize any change into cover image.This paper use the Steganography and artificial neural networks to presents aninformation hiding procedure for hiding text in cover image, the secret text will beconverted to binary code, also the cover image will be converted to the binary datain form of vectors. The supervised learning of neural networks will use binarypatterns of hidden text as set of input values, and the corresponding cover imagedata as target that used as teacher signal to neural network. The generated weightsfrom neural network and the coordinate of data block of cover image have beensaved and then used to extract hidden text data.