Study of the Wind-Induced Dynamic Response for a Parabolic- Trough Solar Collector


In this paper, the dynamic response of parabolic-trough due to wind loading wasconducted in different flow field environment and configurations experimentallyand numerically. First, Experimental modal analysis (EMA) was performed toevaluate the vibrational characteristics for prototype of parabolic trough thatmanufactured for this purpose. Direct pressure sensors array were used to measurethe pressure values over the parabolic trough model surface due to wind load atdifferent operational attitudes. Then, the dynamic response (displacement) of theparabolic-trough due to measured wind loads (pressure) was measuredexperimentally and numerically. The numerical solution for dynamic response wasperformed using the finite element approach. The response of the parabolic-troughto wind loads was evaluated for different wind velocities and different angles ofattack. A comparison between these results was made to verify the effect of theangles of attack and wind velocity on the dynamic response. The results showedthat the suggested approach gave good indication for evaluating the wind loadeffect on the dynamic response of parabolic trough the solar collector.