Study the therapeutic role of Alcoholic Extract of Plantago lanceolata aganist infection with Staphylococcus saprophyticus


The present study was carried out to investigate the antibacterial activity of alcoholic extracts of Plantago lanceolata leafes in vitro and in vivo by inducing urinary tract infection in rats which caused by urethra administration of S.saprophyticus isolated from human and animals(cow and sheep)These extracts showed significant effect (P<0.05) on the inhibition of the growth of S.saprophyticus in vitro with the superiority of the concentration 200mg / ml of alcoholic extract with the mean of inhibition zone diameter 30 mm against S.saprophyticus ,while zone diameter was ( 26.5 ,21 ) mm due to the concentration 150, 100mg/ml respectively.This study included the therapeutic role of doses 150 mg/kg . B.W. of 1.5ml daily orally of alcoholic extract dissolved in DMSO of plantago lanceolata leaves in the pathogenesis of S.saprophyticus in rats by the urethral infection in compared with the control group (rats injected with S.saprophyticus without treatments).The results of histopathological changes showed the role of Plantago lanceolata extract on the decreasing of pathological sings in bladder and kidney tissue after 14 and 21 days and gave negative results by decrease congestion in the blood vessels of kidney hemorrhage and few infiltration of inflammatory cells in bladder , in compared with the positive control which showed acute histopathological change.