Extruder impact study of powders and aqueous extracts of some medicinal plants in worker ants using chemical device Run out Chemotrophometer


The aim of the present studyis investigating theimpactofrepellentpowders and aqueousextractsof the coldand hot waterfor three planst:Allium Sativum, CinnamomumzeylanciumandPiper nigrum. using aChemotrophometeragainstworkerantsThe results showed thatplant Allium Sativumis the mostrepellentefficiencyin insects, in value (80.0 46.60,66.66 ) for thepowder andaqueous extractof coldwater and extract ofhot water respectively then Cinnamomumzeylancium(66.66, 46.66, 40.064), for the powder and aqueous extract of cold water and extract of hot water respectively then Piper nigrumplantwas theleastefficientamong theplants usedin the experimentin the repellent ofan insectants, where the percentage of repellent(33.33, 33.33, 33.33) for the powder and aqueous extracts .