Alafsheen mohammed bin Abi Alsaaj ( 288 A.H / 901 A.D ) and his political & military role in 2nd Abbasiyan era


Alafsheen Mohammed bin Abi Alsaaj is regarded one of most important Turkish military leader who played great role in Islamic and Arab state history in 2nd Abbasiyan era .He belong to sajian family who descended from Ashrusna Province in the state behind the river , that emerged to the existence in the political and military court in 2nd Abbasiyan era .It bears at the beginning the burden of defending the caliph state , but soon changed his attitudes due to the circumstances specially the weakness of the Abbasiyan caliph and their engagement in caliph issues , and appearance of the beginning of Turkish military domination . Accordingly their persons got high posts in Abbasiyan army and dominated over Armenia and Azerbaijan .Despite of the failure of Mohammed bin Abi Alsaajto achieve his ambitions and greed in Syria and Euphrates desert against Tolons and other local forces , but still he succeeded to spread his influence over both provinces of Armenia and Azerbaijan and establishing ruling family semi-independent from the Abbasiyan caliphate in the late of 3rd hijri century /ninth century A.D . his polices directed towards domination of Armenia with out adhering to the commitments agreed upon regarding Armenian from the beginning of Islamic era and the caliphs of Bani Saj family and their followers after him followed the same policy ..