Project deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar repercussions and benefits


The research deals with the Redenomination of three zeros from Iraqi Dinar and the probability of its benefits and costs up on the income of the citizen and its effect upon the economic movements inside the country and upon the commercial relationship with the different countries of the world.The research deals with the term "Redenomination" to differentiate it from other terms like reducing its financial value or partial exchanging asitis in the European union .The research depends on the Turkish experiment in deleting six zeros from its local currency (Turkish lira)This is considered the most modern experiment to treat the inflation .The research concludes to many conclusion. The most important are chogsing the suitable time line of "Redenomination" after the stability of the economy in the county. This will lead to solve the problem of inflation and reconsider the confidence in Iraqi dinar as a stock of value and to activate the Iraqi economy.