The Effect of Alkalis on The Properties of Portland Cement


Portland cement consists of major oxides which include CaO, SiO2, Al2O3 and Fe2O3 as well as minor oxides which include: SO3 , MgO, Na2O and K2O, the last two oxides are called alkalis oxides. The research aims to study the effect of alkalis oxide ( Na2O+ K2O) on some physical properties of ordinary Portland Iraqi cement (type I) and sulfate - resisting Portland Iraqi cement (type V) provided from (Taslooja Factory) are used in the experimental work. The physical properties of the two types above , which are used in the experimental work, are initial and final setting time, soundness and compressive strength at (3, 7 and 28)days. The results show that the values of physical properties of type I and type V increase when the alkalis percentage increases up to 0.6 percent, while the value of the physical properties of the two types of cement mentioned above begins to reduce even when the percentage of alkalis still increases. Through the use of the ordinary Portland cement (type I) and the sulfate resisting Portland cement (type V), it is found that there is a little difference in the value of the physical properties.