The Speech Act of Greeting: A Theoretical Reading


The speech act of 'greeting' is one type of the expressive speech acts which reflect the psychological states of the speakers specified in the propositional contents. Each speaker may find himself/herself tending to express pleasure many times daily at meeting or seeing a hearer. Therefore, 'greeting' is one of the expressive acts mostly used in our daily life. The present research aims at:1. Examining the theoretical views adopted by linguists, philosophers and researchers concerning:a. Definitions, classifications, types(forms and formulas)and strategies of the speech act of 'greeting'.b.The defining properties that reflect its nature and main social function,i.e.,identifying separate cultures.c.The semantic, the syntactic and the pragmatic structures of greeting.2.Arriving at different and to some extent new theoretical views from those presented for discussion especially those concerned with the social function and the pragmatic structures of the speech act of 'greeting'.