Therapeutic use of honey for skin wounds healing in Iraqi Awassi sheep


Abstract: The current study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of honey in the treatment of skin wounds in sheep. Twelve Awassi rams were used in this study. The animals were randomly divided into two equal groups. A 5cm full-thickness skin wound was created on the right flank region of each animal. The wounds in first group were treated with honey single daily after operation until complete healing was occurred, while its in second group treated with sterile saline solution as control group. The results revealed the wound healing process in honey treated group occurred faster than the control group; the healing occurred in 14-15 days after wounding in first group, while in second group it was more than 4 weeks. Within the clinical follow up, no complications occurred in the first group, while the second group showed some complications such as infection and abscess formation. Histopathological examination showed formation of granulation tissue in honey treated group was faster than control group and the regular collagen fiber noticed at 15 days post treated with honey. The present study demonstrates that use of honey is useful for treatment and accelerates healing of full thickness wounds of skin in sheep.