Patterns of modulation talk show In a novel (( my story with a severed head ))


Dialogue is one of the mechanisms adopted by the novel in the building formed the narrative side of the mechanism narrative and description, which has an impact very important in the general construction of the novel on many levels, and from here make sure the relationship dramatic narrative of the dialogue mechanism at work narrative fiction, where he remains a load dramatic always even if it worked in any field from the fields of narrative known. The unfolding of this dialogue patterns are many dialogue Runaway which function to provide a brief idea by one of the characters, and often the other side of the dialogue, receiving a negative to the idea launched by the first party, as close dialogue and it is continuous and if the space of dialogue does not need only This sentence emergency spoken by the first party product for a variety of dialogue, and because the novel ((my story with a severed head)) was full of all types of dialogue about it was for this style talk show its share of the audience along the area of the novel, and the second mode is dialogue net in the narrative fiction in this novel when it comes free of Mahmolat narrative related to the mechanisms of narrative other, as when it seems the dialogue as if made for the dialogue, which promotes the function of dialogue is pure, and can be seen this type of dialogue as a dialogue focal concentrated in a specific topic and coalesced, as being the formation of the dialogue in a time zone, spatial, and one showing the novelist and promote the event and highlight his argument through the emergence of more intensive and the most prominent personalities of the contributors to the dialogue and building composition The third mode is what Astalhana it (b dialogue Almtahq) because the activities of the dialogue between the parties to the dialogue does not come along the lines of a sequential one, but works of the narrative to cut off dialogue or take it in order to bring about the type of overlap between the dialogue mechanism and the mechanism of the narrative, contributing to the intervention of the narrator which reduces the momentum of the nature of drama in the dialogue for the purpose of a particular narrative. The fourth pattern is marked by (b dialogue Almmsarh) as more types of dialogue, presence and influence in this novel, as there is usually a lengthy and detailed, and imbued with the sense novelist, it interferes at the level of formation with the dialogue theater in the properties of many to gain a lot of qualities drama, which works on the theater dialogue and dramatic spurt of cards, a variety of contributing to the development of the relationship between the novel and Alojnasah theate