Study of Some Mirabilis jalapa L. Leaves Components and Effect of Their Extracts on Growth of Pathogenic bacteria


The chemical components of the Mirabilis jalapa L. leaves in the watery and alcoholic extracts were identified .The results showed that the extract contain : glycosides ,tannins ,phenolic compounds , resins ,alkaloids and proteins ,while the saponins and flavonoids were not found. The results also showed that there were concentrations of the following trace elements in the leaves K , Na , Fe with 161.2 ,19 ,18.7 µg/ml , respectively and concentrations of Zn ,Ca with 14.2 , 12 µg/ml respectively , concentrations Cd ,Cu, Pb with 0.8 ,0.3,0.1 µg/ml respectively ,and Cr were not founds. The effects of these extracts on growth of different bacteria were studied, has been found that 0.5 mg/ml concentration was effective inhibitor of growth of Staphylocoous aureus , E.coli and Proteus mirabilis