Aesthetic Effectiveness of the Design System in the Final Product Design of Fabrics


Requires the designer fabrics knowledge, experience, skill and artistic talent, creativity, innovation and knowledge of technology in the field of fabrics and determine their use of aesthetic and functional work is design provides more opportunity for creativity and the development of new design ideas and in the production of fabrics is constantly evolving, so it became difficult for any individual access easily into the designs to suit the availability of fabrics produced because each fabric properties and characteristics of its own in terms of raw usability functionality that appear aesthetic design, here comes the role and effectiveness of systems design in relation to the principles and design elements to reflect the aesthetic and functional, environmental, space and time with the durability and look for the better through science and knowledge and employ new technologies to map the acceptance by choosing the appropriate design for each fabric in relation to the textile raw material. System design on the outside is different from the system design of the interior, but this does not mean the abolition of the existence of a trade, and even conditional on the achievement system, my design connects the outside inside, but the case design a special system who is required in accordance with and chamber functions, system of the outside is imperative and functional performance and aesthetic system as well as the inside is also in the imperative and functional performance and aesthetic but all are subject to the principles of scientific and technical control in the formation of its own because the outside is . Add to the problem and the importance of the research consisted search on the theoretical framework and three Investigation, In the first section was talking about the system design as a methodology for the operation, while the second section evolved to include elements and principles of design, system and structural design and foundation construction for the design, while the third section it which identify the raw materials entering in the manufacture of fabrics and their impact on the final product for the design of fabrics, also included the search results and discussion, as well as recommendations, as contained in the end, research on the scientific sources that the researcher was based in his research.