E-Commerce Security: Website Authentication Protocol Based On Developed Rubik Notation


Kaspersky the famous security firm has issued a report in May 2011 regarding spam activity stated that online payment system like PayPal and EBay continued to be the main target for phishers attacks; causing a tremendous losses for customers and companies running these payment systems at the same level. A lot of hacking methodologies have been used to fraud a web site to act as man-middle-attack to deceive the client urging him to expose crucial and sensitive personal information, all methodologies relying on the interpretation on the intercepted traffic. This paper is presenting a design and implementation of a notation used to authenticate online payment systems and electronic Bank web sites for ecommerce transactions, the notation is derived from 'Singmaster notation' which was used to model Rubik cube movements where which the exchanged traffic between client and bank does not represent the data nor its transformations (i.e., encrypted or coded).