Anemia profile in a sample of Iraqi type 2 diabetic patients without renal impairment


AbstractBackground: Anemia is an increasingly recognized entity in patients with diabetes mellitus, for whom it constitutes an additional burden.Objective of the study: To through a light on anemia profile in a sample of type 2 diabetic patients without renal impairment.Methods & Materials: In a cross sectional study a sample include 123 patients which were collected from primary health care center in Baghdad, At each routine visit, In addition to Hb level standard indices were recorded from blood testing, including creatinine, urea, postprandial blood glucose and urine examination in addition to blood film. Patients were classified as anemic as per the WHO criteria, in male less than 13 g/dl and in non pregnant female less than 12g/dl. The prevalence and types of anemia were identified.Results: During the period of study, a total of 123 patients with type 2 diabetes, male represent 54 (43.9%) and female represent 69 (56.1%).Thirty nine percent (39%) had anemia. prevalence of anemia was higher in men than in women (27.6 % vs. 11.3%). blood film of 48 anemic patients shows that 77.1 % with normochromic normocytic anemia, and 22.9% with hypochromic microcytic anemia.Conclusion: Anemia was relatively common in patients attending routine outpatient, and it’s more common in males than females. Recommendation: Routine Screening for anemia in the diabetes out-patient clinic, including those without renal impairment is vital.Keyword: Anemia, Type 2 diabetes, renal impairment