And Rue Meliaazedarach L. The effect of water extracts and ethanol extract of the plant Alsobhbh AphaenogastermuschtidicaEmery in the destruction of worker ants PeganumharmalaL. . (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)


The effectiveness of extracts of cold and hot water and ethanol extract ofMeliaazedarach L. fruits and seeds Peganumharmala L. tested laboratoryagainst ant workers during a period of 24 hr.Results showed superiority extracts fruits Meliaazedarach L. extracts seedsPeganumharmala L. in achieving higher rates of mortality in value 21.421 ,9.344%, respectively ,as superiority extract ethanol alcohol for both plants onthe aqueous extracts cold and hot, amounting ratios mortality of worker ants17.625 , 15.683 , 12,840% respectively ,also this study appeared that theefficacy insecticidal against worker ants increasing with increase theconcentration of the extracts for both plants in value 11.620 , 13.660 ,15.678,20.573 %for concentrations 1 ,2.5 ,5 ,10%respectively.