A Technique for Image Steganography Based on Optimal Resilient Boolean Functions and DCT


Abstract:One of the methods introduced for accomplishing hidden communicationis the steganography technique. Steganography is an important area of research in recentyears involving a number of applications. It is the science of embedding informationinto the cover image, text and video without causing statistically significantmodification to the cover image. This paper proposes an image steganography system; ithides the gray level image on another gray level image by using optimal resilientBoolean functions. First, it starts by encrypting secret image by using optimal resilientfunction then embedding encrypted image inside a cover image by using DCT. The newproposal system of image encryption has been investigated by encrypting the powerfulfrequency coefficients in DCT using a saturated best resilient Boolean function (SRB)that constructed by Zhang's construction. The simulation results of the proposal systemhave calculated the peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and the correlation test in order tocompare between the cover image and the stego image and the results have alsocalculated the correlation test between the secrete image and the extraction image as aparameter of robustness. The experimental results have showed that the images can beembedded by steganography and optimal resilient Boolean function with smallercorrelation compared to the original secret image and the extraction image. Finally, it isobserved that for all images, PSNR is greater than 55.