Correlation Between Some Physical Properties Of Glasscrete


Sheet glass waste can be advantageous in concrete making leads to greener environment .two different series were prepared to accomplish the scope of the study .The first series was prepared by partially substituting the fine aggregates (sand) with fine sheet glass waste (fine sheet glass is a waste glass sheet reduced in size into 2.36-4.75mm) .The substituting of sand in proportions of (10%,20%,30%,40%,50%)by fine sheet glass waste . The second series was prepared by partially substituting the coarse aggregate (gravel) with crushed glass sheet waste (crushed glass sheet is waste glass sheet crushed to size of 9-12mm) .The substituting of gravel in proportions of (10%,20%,30%,40%,50%) by crushed glass sheet waste . The effect of FGA & CGA on Workability ,Hardness , Density and VP of the concrete with fresh and hardened concrete tests were analyzed .The result of the study conducted ,FGA where determined to have a significant effect upon the workability of the concrete , hardness, density and UPV higher than to the effect of CGA reaction was determined to have a slightly reduction in all properties , the results also showed the better percent of substitution was 40% FGA as a replacement of sand and the better percent of substitution was 20% CGA as a replacement of gravel . This study was an environmental one in consideration to the fact that waste glass could be used in the concrete as fine and coarse aggregate without the need for a big cost or enormous energy.