Enhancement of Linear Induction Motor Performance Using Indirect Field–Oriented Voltage Control


In this work, the mathematical model of linear induction motor (LIM) hasbeen described and the dynamic behaviors have been simulated taking into account the end effects. Firstly, the validity of the LIM model is verified by considering its open loop characteristics; where both no-load and load changed are included. Secondly, a scalar control has been suggested and its robustness against variation of parameters is examined. Finally, the vector control with indirect field orientedcontrol has been included and its simulated results are compared to those of scalar control to show the effectiveness of both control schemes on the robustness measure of LIM behavior. The sophistication and complexity of speed controller is beyond the scope of the work, therefore, a conventional controller based on Proportional Integral (PI) action is sufficient for the present work. The LIM responses such asthrust force, velocity, currents and voltages are simulated and outputted using MATLAB/SIMULINK package (R2010a).