Design of an Auto-Tuning PID Controller for Systems based on Slice Genetic Algorithm


Abstract – This paper introduces the Slice Genetics Algorithm SGA which representsthe proposed modification to the classic Genetic Algorithm GA scheme. The proposedalgorithm has reduced the population size and maximum iteration in order to get fastand an optimal solution. This algorithm has been used for determining the optimalproportional- integral- derivative PID controller parameters. The proposed algorithmhas versatile features, including, fast, stable rate convergence characteristic also it hasgood computational efficiency in improving the dynamic behavior for the system interm of reducing the maximum overshoot, rise time, settling time and steady-stateserror. The algorithm not only has benefit to improve the convergence characteristic,accuracy but it also shortened the processing time towards the optimal value basedreducing the number of iteration from 40 to 4 or 6 iteration as clear in the MATLABsimulation results..