Multispectral Fusion for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Based Framelet Transform


Abstract-The technique of fusing a panchromatic (Pan) SAR image that has a highspatialand low-spectral resolution with multispectral (MS) SAR images that have alow-spatial and high spectral resolution is very useful in many remote sensingapplications that require both high-spatial and high-spectral resolution. In this paper,method for fusion SAR image is proposed based on framelet transform and newselection rule. The framelet transform is nearly shift-invariant with desired properties,short support, and symmetry. In the selection rule of proposed method, max rule isreplaced with new relation depending on input SAR image. The proposed method iscompared with other method such as HIS, PCA and wavelet methods. A quality of fusedimage is calculated based on the combination entropy, the correlation coefficient andthe peak signal to noise ratio. It is showed from simulation result the quality measuredfor proposed method can indicate the information content of the fused image is highercompared to the information content of the input panchromatic and multispectralimages, also its noticed the proposed method provides richer information comparingwith other methods.