High-Pass Digital Filter Implementation Using FPGA


Abstract-Depending on the response of the system, digital Filters can be designedusing frequency sampling or windowing methods; but these methods have a problem inprecise control of the critical frequencies. In the sampling method, the weightedapproximation error between the actual frequency response and the desired filterresponse is spread across the pass-band and the stop-band and the maximum error isminimized, resulting ripples in the pass-band and the stop-band. The frequencysampling method has the same tolerance requirements as the windowing method. In thiswork we implemented a digital FIR high pass filter using MATLAB program(FDATools) using sampling and windowing methods, then the design in the FPGA kitis downloaded by generating VHDL description. A comparison the amount of thecomponent has been used in the FPGA for both methods. The FIR filter is implementedusing Spartan 3AN- XC3S700a-4FG484FPGA and simulated with the help of XilinxISE (Integrated Software Environment) Software WEBPACK Project Navigator 11i.